Feather Hair Extensions

Margo and her feathers.

The latest trend to hit NDNU: feather hair extensions. I found out about this recent trend from my younger cousins a few months ago when I saw them at at family dinner with lime green feathers hanging from their hair. I was intrigued I even thought about putting some in my hair.

I forgot about the idea until I spotted a student walking around campus with feathers in her hair and loved the idea of getting mine done.

Margo Rasteiro, a junior at NDNU is shown to the right with her feather hair extensions. Margo got her extensions done at a salon near BelMateo Bowling Alley.

I’ve talked to a few people that I’ve seen with “feathered” hair and a few have pointed me in the direction of Salon Sur La Rue in San Mateo. They will add them for $10 a feather or 3 for $25. I’ve been told that the feathers can stay in up to two months.

I really like this trend but I almost feel like its too expensive for just 3 feathers. When I looked online I found a variety of feather extension do it yourself kits. These kits were all fairly reasonable and most were around $30. The kits include the hair extension pliers, clamp beads, and some wires to help get the feather where you want. Feathers are sold seperately but range from $2-$10 a feather, or you may be able to buy in bulk.

When you do the math and determine if this is a trend you are going to embrace longterm it might be best to invest in a do it yourself kit. Regardless Feathers are in!


About Marissa

My Name is Marissa, I recently graduated from Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont. I just started law school. My blog has become a way for me to chronicle the fashions and trends on campus and to determine what's hot and what's obviously not.
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