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Kala's One Shoulder Maxi Dress $22.80

Maxi dresses are always in style and a great look for the warmer weather. They flatter almost every body type and come in a variety of looks.

Pictured above is Kala Fisher, a junior here at NDNU. She is wearing a turquoise maxi dress that she got at Forever 21. I looked on the website and her dress is still available and cost $22.80. I think maxi dresses are a good investment for your wardrobe because they never go out of style, especially if you get a solid color, but if you get a print try to get something simple and stay away from tribal-esque prints that tend to go in and out very quickly.

So you may wonder why maxi dresses are so awesome. Well let me tell you why.

1. They are almost always made from cotton which is very comfortable.

2. They flatter almost everybody.

3. If you were pregnant, you can still wear them. (Versatility).

4. They are great for warm weather.

5. They never go out of style.

6. Even on short people they are cute.

7. There are a variety of styles.

8. They are simple, but they still make a statement.

9. They can switch between formal and informal.

10. They can be worn with flats or heels.

Here are some cute Maxi dresses from Forever21:


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My Name is Marissa, I recently graduated from Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont. I just started law school. My blog has become a way for me to chronicle the fashions and trends on campus and to determine what's hot and what's obviously not.
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