summer essentials

No Room For The Blues by OPI

Summer is the best time of year. School’s out and its time to travel, party, and lay by the pool or maybe hit a beach or two. As we transition from spring to summer there are a few essential items I always have by my side as I hit up the pool or beach. First brightly colored nail polish. My current obsession is OPI‘s is a blue polish called “no room for the blues” which is certainly appropriate for summer, since we only have 3 months to enjoy ourselves before heading back into the same old routine of classes and homework dates at the library. I always have some sun screen and chap stick on me as well because skin care is extremely important. Its so easy to burn just being in the sun for a bit, my favorite is the Neutrogena dry touch sunblock, it doesn’t feel as heavy or oily as others, it was also received the editor’s choice award from Allure magazine. Finally I never leave the house without a good book and my ipod. My current read is The Help by Kathryn Stockett, can’t wait for the movie to come out in August! Wherever you are this summer safe travels and enjoy your time off! See you again in the fall!

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Feather Hair Extensions

Margo and her feathers.

The latest trend to hit NDNU: feather hair extensions. I found out about this recent trend from my younger cousins a few months ago when I saw them at at family dinner with lime green feathers hanging from their hair. I was intrigued I even thought about putting some in my hair.

I forgot about the idea until I spotted a student walking around campus with feathers in her hair and loved the idea of getting mine done.

Margo Rasteiro, a junior at NDNU is shown to the right with her feather hair extensions. Margo got her extensions done at a salon near BelMateo Bowling Alley.

I’ve talked to a few people that I’ve seen with “feathered” hair and a few have pointed me in the direction of Salon Sur La Rue in San Mateo. They will add them for $10 a feather or 3 for $25. I’ve been told that the feathers can stay in up to two months.

I really like this trend but I almost feel like its too expensive for just 3 feathers. When I looked online I found a variety of feather extension do it yourself kits. These kits were all fairly reasonable and most were around $30. The kits include the hair extension pliers, clamp beads, and some wires to help get the feather where you want. Feathers are sold seperately but range from $2-$10 a feather, or you may be able to buy in bulk.

When you do the math and determine if this is a trend you are going to embrace longterm it might be best to invest in a do it yourself kit. Regardless Feathers are in!

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A girl’s best friend

Kala's One Shoulder Maxi Dress $22.80

Maxi dresses are always in style and a great look for the warmer weather. They flatter almost every body type and come in a variety of looks.

Pictured above is Kala Fisher, a junior here at NDNU. She is wearing a turquoise maxi dress that she got at Forever 21. I looked on the website and her dress is still available and cost $22.80. I think maxi dresses are a good investment for your wardrobe because they never go out of style, especially if you get a solid color, but if you get a print try to get something simple and stay away from tribal-esque prints that tend to go in and out very quickly.

So you may wonder why maxi dresses are so awesome. Well let me tell you why.

1. They are almost always made from cotton which is very comfortable.

2. They flatter almost everybody.

3. If you were pregnant, you can still wear them. (Versatility).

4. They are great for warm weather.

5. They never go out of style.

6. Even on short people they are cute.

7. There are a variety of styles.

8. They are simple, but they still make a statement.

9. They can switch between formal and informal.

10. They can be worn with flats or heels.

Here are some cute Maxi dresses from Forever21:

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Velour Track Suits are OUT.

Alright so we all remember the days where girls were obsessed with the Juicy Couture Track suits. The comfy velour outfits were a must have and basically every girl in America had one if not more multiple colorful outfits in their closet.

Those were the days. Girls walked around in comfort and people turned the other cheek. Now though the craze has died down. Way down. So I say to you people still trying to rock those bright colorful tracksuits around town that be aware people may in fact be judging you and you may want to wear those outfits in the comfort of your own home.

I will say it is ok to pair the jackets with jeans and a shirt around town but do us all a favor and leave the sweats that have juicy written across the butt at home.

But I am not saying to toss them completely because you never know when a trend will pick up again. Until next time Argos, au revoir.

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Royal Hats

Kate Middleton and her hat.

If you haven’t been living in a cave for the past few months then you are probably aware that Prince William and Kate Middleton are going to tie the knot soon at the end of this month.

Thinking about the royal wedding got me thinking about Kate Middleton and her style. And when I think about Brits and their style you can’t help but wonder about their hats. They seem to be a staple item for their many outings and it has me wondering why we don’t really seem to embrace that fashion here in America, unless your going to the Kentucky Derby of course.

I’ve been googling Kate Middleton and her hats and I must say I am quite impressed, she wears anything from an understated cowboy hat to fancy feathered ensembles. And its interesting to see how these hats actually make her outfits.

I myself like to wear hats now and again, mostly i stick to a regular straw fedora when I do. But I think it’s time to be a little more adventurous. On Village Hat Shop there are thousands of hats for women and men, and you can shop by style.

You can take a look at more of Kate Middleton’s hat looks here. The girl’s got class.

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Romping around campus

Niki wearing a basic romper at NDNU.

Rompers are a great look during the heat waves. They come in a variety of styles, cuts, colors and patterns. Many of you might be wondering what exactly a romper is? Well a romper sometimes can be mistaken for a dress when you first see it on the hanger, but on closer inspection you will see that it is actually shorts connected to a top usually all the same color or print. It can have sleeves, spaghetti straps, or no straps.

Depending on which store you are looking in rompers can vary in price range. Many people shy away from rompers because they do not know how to wear them or what to pair it with. I was googling rompers and came across a website that I thought did a really good job in explaining how to wear a romper. The website shows five different ways to wear the same romper. Rompers can be accessorized a number of different ways. I also think when wearing a romper. The shoes sometimes make the outfit.

Lulu’s is a cute website that has a ton of rompers, most are on sale. I’ve seen a couple of girls around campus in these cute little rompers.  Pictured above is Niki, wearing a basic romper that she got at Forever 21 and some gladiator heels from Target, as well as a statement necklace. This outfit is simple but looks awesome. When you put together an outfit with a romper you want to dress it up but don’t over accessorize it. If your romper has sleeves or is a tank style try going with some chunky bracelets instead.

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Everywhere I look I am seeing floral prints. This is a trend that goes in and out every spring. I recently saw a pair of floral wedges at forever 21 that I thought were so cute. I mentioned wedges in one of my other posts. Wedges are cute and fun for spring, they are also super comfortable and  a great alternative to pumps.

Going with the floral theme I also saw some really cute floral tanks from Bloomingdales. This floral print tank by Aqua is just $58 and is seriously adorable and totally on point for this trend.

As you look through your closets or you are walking through the mall make sure you look for some floral print pieces to build your wardrobe.

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