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Romping around campus

Rompers are a great look during the heat waves. They come in a variety of styles, cuts, colors and patterns. Many of you might be wondering what exactly a romper is? Well a romper sometimes can be mistaken for a … Continue reading

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Everywhere I look I am seeing floral prints. This is a trend that goes in and out every spring. I recently saw a pair of floral wedges at forever 21 that I thought were so cute. I mentioned wedges in … Continue reading

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spring forward into color!!

Even though the weather is a bit of a drag this year spring is fast approaching. I’ve been watching my weekly dose of E’s Fashion Police and reading up on some other fashion blogs and everyone seems to be saying … Continue reading

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fashionable work attire for campus jobs

Many students at NDNU hold jobs on campus. And as students we sometimes are able to get away with a more relaxed work attire than our staff and administration can. However just because we are students doesn’t mean we should … Continue reading

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Ring it up.

So one of the accessories that I am most obsessed with are rings, specifically cocktail and costume rings. They make big statements, are fun and flirty. Most of my rings are cheap things I find at Forever 21 and they … Continue reading

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Tis the season…for RAIN BOOTS!

The bay area has been experiencing some pretty chilly weather lately. There’s been rain, rain, and more rain, and an occasional bout of sunshine. When its raining people often think that its hard to be fashionable, but that’s completely untrue! … Continue reading

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