nicole richie obsessed with sunglasses???

Nicole Richie wearing sunglasses.

So I was browsing yahoo and the top news story was Nicole Richie’s obsession with sunglasses. According to the story Richie admits to owning more than two hundred pairs of sunglasses! Now that’s crazy, but to each their own, I personally collect shoes, I probably have close to 60 pairs of shoes. Now mind you this is a collection I have started from my high school days and the speed of collection has slowed down, as has my lack of income. But I can’t imagine a closet full of over 200! I’d go nuts. I could wear a different pair every day for almost a whole year. Sorry I’ve lost focus, now back to sunglasses.

Anyways I was reading about her sunglass fetish and it got me thinking about graduation. I know what does that have anything to do with sunglasses, but I was thinking about how I always remember the grads walking down the field with really cute sunglasses. I have a pair of marc jacobs that I bought at Nordstroms three years ago that I love, and they are my go to pair but I want something fun for graduation. And when you think about it sunglasses are really the only way you can accessorize your cap and gown that people will notice. I think a lot of NDNU grads can agree that sunglasses are a definite necessity while waiting in the sun for nearly three hours to get your diploma.

So after a lot of web surfing i’ve found a few picks that I love and won’t break the bank.

Ray Ban small “classic wayfarer”  online at Nordstroms  $145. Now these are the most expensive pick on my list and they are really cute but after looking at the forever 21 glasses I’ve found some similar pairs and the prices can not be beat.

These pink glasses come in a few different colors on Forever 21’s website and cost only $5.80.

An 80’s inspired pair also $5.80 at Forever21.

And finally a pair of classic aviators also from Forever21 at $5.80. Compare it to the classic ray ban pair ($139) and see which ones you like better….or better yet if there is even that big of a difference between the two, besides the price.

Dont be this girl!

One style of sunglasses that I strongly object to are the bug sunglasses. STOP hiding behind them they are not that cute and I’ve heard a lot of guys who strongly object to them as well so ladies do your self a favor and toss those awful things and grab a different pair.

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Haight Street vs. Union Square

One of the fun things about NDNU’s location in Belmont is it’s proximity to San Francisco. You walk five minutes from campus down to the Caltrain station and can be in San Francisco in under 45 minutes. Or you could drive and be there in about 30 minutes.

San Francisco is one of the coolest cities in America. Alright I might be partial because I live here but really its awesome. There is a lot to do and see in SF but the best part is the shopping. SF is divided into several different neighborhoods and each has its own unique style. Union Square is a tourist attraction, it is home to many high end boutiques and well known department stores. Overall Union Square is associated with fabulosity. It’s home to Neiman MarcusTiffanys, Bloomingdales, Nordstroms, Macy’s, Forever 21, Victoria Secret, Bebe and the list goes on.

Then there is another well known area, Haight and Ashbury. These famous streets are best known for its days as a hippie neighborhood that housed The Grateful Dead and their fellow “deadheads“, and today it is known as shopping mecca for modern boho hippies. The stores on Haight are the complete opposite of what you would find in Union. They are mostly no name stores or little known brands or designers.  There are second hand consignment stores, ethnic stores, specialty and costume stores. Haight is where you go to find your one of a kind items, while Union is for your everyday and designer finds.

While these two spots are like night and day they are both fun to see and explore. I encourage all you Argos that have yet to explore the city to start with these two locations and branch out because you never know what you will find. Plus SF has so much to offer, so jump on a train and see where you end up.

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GTL swim

So I recently posted about how spring is in the air and how it’s time to retire the uggs until its cold again. But now what do I write about. Well since it’s starting to get nice and sunny out I took some time to myself to do one of the things I enjoy most tanning and lounging by the pool. Now what does one wear during an activity like this? A swim suit duhhhhhhh.

Now for those of you who do not know this. Victoria Secret and Forever 21 are the best places to buy swim suits. they are cute, affordable, and best of all you can mix and match tops and bottoms. I’ve never bought any bathing suits from Forever but their are a few I have my eye on, like this ruffle rose bikini.  I do however own at least 6 bathing suits from Victoria Secret and some are going three years strong so they are pretty reliable.

Just another day at NDNU.

Now for you Argos that are skipping class to enjoy the warm weather, please skip responsibly I can’t guarantee how well your professors will like that you missed their lecture to test dive your new bikini down at the oaks pool.

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Is it time to put away the Ugg’s?

Ugg’s are an essential part of any girl’s closet. They are so comfy and warm, but like any article of clothing, there is a time and a place. As we move into warmer weather Ugg’s are simply impractical. Your feet will be all gross and sweaty and not to mention people will probably be questioning your odd choice of footwear.

Living in California we get the luxury of wearing flip flops and sandals for a good portion of the year. As we move into warmer weather it’s time to bust out those flip flops that have been stowed away in your closet all winter. Flip flops and sandals aren’t the only options, although if you are going to wear them I am partial to Rainbows.

In my other posts I have mentioned flats and wedges. Open toed flats can be dressy or casual and offer comfort. Wedges can give you height and come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. A new trend circulating on campus and across the globe are Toms.

Toms is a fairly new trend, the company itself has been around for a few years, but the trend has recently gained momentum. The nice thing about Toms are that for every pair you purchase the company will donate a pair to a child without shoes. You can be fashionable and charitable. Here is a link to the Toms website.

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spring forward into color!!

Even though the weather is a bit of a drag this year spring is fast approaching. I’ve been watching my weekly dose of E’s Fashion Police and reading up on some other fashion blogs and everyone seems to be saying the same thing, it’s time to bust out the bright and fun colors!

The idea of spring is so refreshing and I am definitely over the winter weather and clothing! Less layers and more sunshine!!! The most recent trend color is crimson but any color that looks flattering on you and compliments your skin tone works, we just want to get away from those dark colors, especially black! But if you must wear black try and throw in a bit of color somewhere, such as a fun headband or bright colored pumps. I hope to see all the colors of the rainbow soon at NDNU. It’s time to bring it back.

Being a college student and not having a full time job means that I am on a budget. So instead of hitting the mall I’ve been digging through my drawers for some piece of clothing or accessories to brighten up my wardrobe. Looking through my older stuff I was able to find a whole outfit that I think goes pretty well with the colorful spring look. Here’s what I found:

I got this tank top from American Eagle Outfitters almost two years ago, they probably won’t have the same exact one this year but they tend to recycle style and colors so take a look and see if they have any fun tanks, they are also good for the warm weather in summer.

The shorts are from Forever 21 and they have them every spring and summer. They are extremely affordable and they are definitely cute. These I got last year for about $10 bucks.

Finally, the wedges. I actually just bought these from Bloomingdales for my graduation outfit. They are made by Sperry Top-Sider which specializes in boat shoes. These wedges are really cute and they have the non-slip sole just like all of Sperry’s other loafer type boat shoes.

Colorful Tank Top from American Eagle

Faded Turquoise Jean Shorts from Forever 21

Wedges by Sperry from Bloomingdales

Rummage through your closet and see what you can find! Peace out Argos.

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fashionable work attire for campus jobs

Many students at NDNU hold jobs on campus. And as students we sometimes are able to get away with a more relaxed work attire than our staff and administration can. However just because we are students doesn’t mean we should forget to take pride in how we look and make an effort in what we wear to work. Granted some on campus jobs you can get away with jeans and a shirt, there are some that perhaps you should think more about your look before you leave the dorm room.

Niki Rodrigues works in Ralston Hall with Conference and Events. Being in Ralston she has to dress up her outfits a little more than other student jobs because she works with outside people and lets face it, when you’re working inside such a beautiful mansion you want to look and keep it classy.

Niki at Ralston Hall Mansion

This outfit is youthful and fun for a student employee. The pants are a little dressy and most student jobs will not require black slacks but you can always opt for a nice pair of boot cut or skinny jeans with a cute pair of flats.

If you are in need of a pair of black trousers or slacks (which should be a staple item in everyone’s closet), Express has a wide range of options at affordable prices.

Niki’s outfit consists of

Trousers from Express: $50.00

White long sleeve shirt from Old Navy: $9.00

Black vest from Forever 21: $17.00

I am posting a picture of a pair of flats I recently purchased at Nordstrom Rack in San Francisco last week. As I mentioned above if your looking to dress down this outfit a bit then pair the top with a pair of skinny jeans and cute flats.

These flats were $39.00 and I am obsessed with them right now.  P.S. there is a great sale going on at Bloomingdales right now! hurry up before it ends tonight!

Franko Sarto flats found at Nordstrom Rack!!!

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NDNU’s Viva

Every year NDNU’s programming board puts on a casino and dance night, known as VIVA! Students show up to have fun and win awesome prizes, the top being a free trip to Vegas. Each year there is a theme and students usually dress up. In my four years of being here at NDNU, there has been a variety of themes: safari, Cirque du Soleil, Alice in Wonderland, and this year’s Pirates of the Caribbean. The themes make the event fun and I enjoy seeing how people dress up.

This year for the pirates theme I heard a lot of mumbling and groaning from students who thought it would be hard to dress for and everyone would look the same. And I think that’s just lame, this is a time to get creative and think out of the box. Of course you can always go the traditional route and just buy a regular old pirate wench costume from House of Humor or you can think about how to spin an outfit from your own closet so it works for the theme. I thought a lot about nautical themes and stripes (fyi: stripes are super trendy right now, they are everywhere). Even though its not super “piratey” you can dress in a sailor or nautical themed outfit. Or you could create your own pirate wench outfit with fishnets, a tutu skirt, peasant top and corset vest, and of course boots, perhaps a more modern and modified version but still fun and costumey.

For these kind of costume events the GoodWill is always a good place to look for random costume pieces as well because it is easy to afford and you never know what you are going to find, one woman’s trash is another woman’s costume. I’ve said it time and time before but Forever21 is the perfect store to find clothes and costume stuff at because it is also affordable and has a ton of nautical and striped items at the moment.

The following are links for some items that could be used for costume ideas for VIVA this year:

Peasant Top from Forever21 $24.80

Black Strap Corset from Hot Topic $19.99

Nylon Tricot Legging from American Apparel $34.00

Material Girl Striped Pleated Tank from Macy’s $24.00

All of these items are great because they can be functional in your daily wardrobe instead of being limited to the costume party realm. So dig through your closets and look around at the mall or GoodWill there are plenty of things to be found to make your costume unique. Hope to see everyone at VIVA!!

P.S. Viva is taking place on campus in the gym from 10 pm to 1 am on Saturday April 2nd it’s five dollars buy in for chips if you want to gamble otherwise entry is free! Be there or be square!

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