Romping around campus

Niki wearing a basic romper at NDNU.

Rompers are a great look during the heat waves. They come in a variety of styles, cuts, colors and patterns. Many of you might be wondering what exactly a romper is? Well a romper sometimes can be mistaken for a dress when you first see it on the hanger, but on closer inspection you will see that it is actually shorts connected to a top usually all the same color or print. It can have sleeves, spaghetti straps, or no straps.

Depending on which store you are looking in rompers can vary in price range. Many people shy away from rompers because they do not know how to wear them or what to pair it with. I was googling rompers and came across a website that I thought did a really good job in explaining how to wear a romper. The website shows five different ways to wear the same romper. Rompers can be accessorized a number of different ways. I also think when wearing a romper. The shoes sometimes make the outfit.

Lulu’s is a cute website that has a ton of rompers, most are on sale. I’ve seen a couple of girls around campus in these cute little rompers.  Pictured above is Niki, wearing a basic romper that she got at Forever 21 and some gladiator heels from Target, as well as a statement necklace. This outfit is simple but looks awesome. When you put together an outfit with a romper you want to dress it up but don’t over accessorize it. If your romper has sleeves or is a tank style try going with some chunky bracelets instead.


About Marissa

My Name is Marissa, I recently graduated from Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont. I just started law school. My blog has become a way for me to chronicle the fashions and trends on campus and to determine what's hot and what's obviously not.
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